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Backup / Mirror your E-Mails to a Secure Mailbox



With the Backup / Mirror Service we offer a complete solution to store a copy of all your incoming emails in an external mailbox. This can avoid loss of messages may caused by technical failure, server crash or rash deletion in the originating mailbox.

The Email Backup / Mirror service ensures compliance with the legal retention periods for communication data which can be an essential part of your businesses to keep important messages available for proof purposes. Within this service we provide you with a secure Mailbox and an unique Email Address for receiving all forwarded messages. In combination with the interface ProMail all your emails can be categorized and filtered according to your sorting criteria and delivered to the respective folders.


Subscribe to the real-time Email Backup / Mirror Service, with a modern interface and many professional features.


Order today and save with 1 year subscription:

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(starting from € 3.25 per month²)        



Ensure Business Continuity with professional Email Duplication

  • Reliable backup / mirror storage

  • Professional operation interface

  • Access messages and any time and from any place

  • Fast filter rule processing and automated folder assignment

  • Professional sorting according to your criteria

  • Do not waste time and money with our cost effective solution

  • Nothing to install, just create forwarder for your originating email addresses

  • Backup / mirror messages in one location from multiple email addresses

  • Secured email protection through the Internet

  • No downtimes, no need to shut down the host during backup

  • Service fulfills proof obligations and legal retention periods

  • Message protection against loss or failure


Email Backup / Mirror Service is the best cloud based email archive solution available. It is simplified and specially designed for real-time operations. This solution will benefit individuals, website operators and businesses alike with a complete solution and no installation requirement. Messages can be restored with optional Email Transfer Service to the original or any other Mailbox at any time. 



Email Transfer

Request for Email Transfer Service to move your emails securely to another host in seconds:


► Transfer Service





Backup Storage

Get reliable cloud storage for your backups on secure servers, with professional backup storage solutions:




*All unlimited features are subject to the Fair-Use Policy!


Featured resources can be upgraded  by online purchase on our website, on customer service request or with special promotions. Using our servers for Spam, Illegal Contents, Harassment or any illegal activities is prohibited.  


The Hosting Service will be setup after your order and invoiced for the entire subscription period in advance. After setup the service is ready to receive and store your forwarded messages received by the operative email address we provide to the client. For receiving all incoming emails the client is required to setup forwarders for the respective email address where messages should be delivered for duplication to the Backup/Mirror Mailbox. The amount of forwarding email addresses and messages delivered to the Backup/Mirror Mailbox are unrestricted and only limited to the available storage. The client can access all stored emails and modify settings for settings and automatic deletion by using the ProMail operation interface. SMTP sending service is not available within this plan. Downloading the messages to a local storage via email client is possible.





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