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Real-Time Feedback with Hosted Web Survey


Hosted Survey Solution can help Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Support professionals, managers and business owners with a wide range of survey, research and satisfaction feedback projects. Use our Cloud Survey System to create electronic surveys, feedback reviews, questionnaires and other online forms for data collection, analysis and reporting. Prepare, run and evaluate web surveys and start to move paper-based forms and questionnaires online, to capture information in a database, to automate complex processes, to reduce manual data entry, and to integrate with your in-house customer database, purchasing and e-commerce systems.


Hosted Survey Solution

Cloud Survey is the ideal solution for companies and individuals interested in easily conducting a survey online. Web Survey Solution was developed for researchers, evaluators and organizational improvement specialists and is operated as a web based software hosted in the cloud. Create web surveys to measure customer satisfaction, build customer preference files, measure organizational performance, and get important feedback from employees.


 Software Solution


 - Software Solution


 - Pre-Installation in the Cloud

 - Admin Interface

 - Unlimited Surveys*

 - Language Versions


 - Survey Setup Service*


 Hosting Solution


 - Cloud Storage


 - Domain Mapping*

 Solution Functions


 - Unlimited number of surveys

 - Unlimited number of questions

 - Unlimited number of participants

 - Multi-lingual surveys

 - WYSIWYG HTML editor

 - Integration of pictures and movies into a survey

 - Creation of a printable survey version

 - Skip Logic / Branching depending on earlier answers

 - Assessment surveys

 - Anonymous and Not-Anonymous survey

 - Sending of invitations, reminders and tokens by email

 - Buffer answers to continue survey at a later time

 - Cookie or session based surveys

 - Template editor for creating your own page layout

 - Extended and user-friendly administration interface

 - Back-office data entry possibility

 - Survey expiry dates for automation

 - Enhanced import and export functions

 - Basic statistical and graphical analysis

 - W3C compliance

 Services Features


 - Support Service


 - Server Backup


 - Server Monitoring


 Subscription Period

1 or 12 Months

 Setup Fee (one-time)

Depending on Subscribed Period

 Payment Cycle

Selected Period in Advance

 Price per Month


  10.75 EUR



Get 2 months free with annual subscription!


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Hosted Survey Solution can improve your business?




  • Low costs - Due to drastically lower overhead, collecting data does not have to cost you thousands of euros.

  • Automation and real-time access - Respondents input their own data, and it is automatically stored electronically. Analysis thus becomes easier and can be streamlined, and is available immediately.

  • Less time - Rapid deployment and return times are possible with online surveys that cannot be attained by traditional methods. If you have bad contact information for some respondents, you'll know it almost right after you've sent out your surveys.

  • Convenience for respondents - They can answer questions on their schedule, at their pace, and can even start a survey at one time, stop, and complete it later.

  • Design flexibility - Surveys can be programmed even if they are very complex. Intricate skip patterns and logic can be employed seamlessly. You can also require that respondents provide only one response to single-choice questions, which cuts down on error.

  • No interviewer - Respondents may be more willing to share personal information because they're not disclosing it directly to another person. Interviewers can also influence responses in some cases.



Hosted Survey helps you deploy successful online surveys and streamline data gathering for professional survey research projects. It doesn't get any easier than this. Easy to use web-based survey software helps you create web surveys using your own style and process. Distribute via email invitations, web links or postcards, and start collecting responses in minutes. Gather immediate feedback from your web site visitors by including a link to your survey on your web pages. Or ask for feedback after the completion of a transaction, purchase or delivery. Hosted Survey can integrate with your customer sales and support system. Each time a sales or support call is completed, or for calls selected randomly, an email invitation can be sent to the customer asking for feedback about the quality of service and support they received. Conducting web-based surveys is a relatively low-cost method for you to monitor market trends and developments on a regular basis. Surveying people or companies who buy your type of products or services can lead to insight into why they buy, how they choose their vendors, and what their purchasing plans are for the future.



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Using our web servers for Spam, illegal contents, harassment or any illegal activities will result in service deactivation and further legal investigation. For all Hosted Service Plans we offer "Initial Setup Service": which includes the "ready to start" configuration of all required setting within the accessible features build-in in the software. The hosted service contains two parts; the software solution and all required technical resources in the cloud.


The Hosted Service will be setup after your order and invoiced for the entire contract period in advance.

Domain Mapping = you can register or transfer a domain or point an external registered domain or subdomain to the service. The fees for domain registrations are calculated annually in advance and can not be refunded for early termination. The domain renewal will follow the domain procedure: 1 month before expiration of the domain you will receive a renewal information including the invoice for the next registration period. The renewal is automatically confirmed by the customer for the next period (Re-New) when the invoice is settled at least 2 weeks to the end of the term. Otherwise a cancellation for the domain and the accompanying return transfer to the registrar is unavoidable. If no domain is mapped the service can be accessed via Service URL.





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