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Hosted Newsletter Solution - Email Broadcasting Professional




  • Effective communication -  Timely newsletter will convey a particular message and will spread it to many other people in the quickest time possible.

  • Establish brand recognition - Relevant information create brand recognition and the brand gets more exposure through the newsletter thus enticing prospective buyers.

  • Increase client loyalty - Regular contacting recipients through informative newsletters develop a strong brand preference for your company.

  • Increase website traffic - Website links encourage the recipients to visit the site to check out what’s new, therefore increasing your traffic.

  • Cost effective - Delivering efficiently and effectively at very affordable prices with good marketing services thus saving your money.

  • Increase Exposure - Bloggers, the media and the public as a whole are recipients, this provides the much needed exposure for your business.

  • Longer shelf life - Incorporate contents of greater value such tips, events or a recipe will excite clients and prospects for a long period of time.

  • Communicate sale information - It's a great way of informing your customers on any upcoming sales.

  • Establish expertise - Establish the company’s expertise in the industry with useful and relevant content.

  • Save time - Designing and sending electronic newsletters is fast and simple.


Today’s competitive digital world makes it difficult to get your consumer’s attention. Email Solution 24 offers powerful email marketing and delivery tools with cutting edge features at a fraction of the price of others. It’s fast, effective and easy-to-use. Subscribe to the secure and fast Newsletter Service, with a professional and modern management interface.


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Newsletters are being widely used by many companies who have claimed a lot of benefits of using these marketing tools to promote their businesses. Sending targeted messages to a select group of customers can increase your bottom line while building awareness and loyalty to your business. For these reasons, newsletter advertising has some important advantages over other types of advertising. Using your company newsletter for advertising helps you reach your targeted market, often customers who have already expressed an interest in your product or service. Countless entrepreneurs and companies send out newsletters from veterinarians and hospitals to restaurants and entertainment businesses. There are many benefits of our terrific Newsletter Service tool. Sending a company newsletter on a regular basis is a sure way of keeping your business ahead of the competition. If you are looking forward to meeting your business goals, then you can explore the possibility by investing in a company newsletter.



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*All unlimited features are subject to the Fair-Use Policy!


Using our web servers for Spam, illegal contents, harassment or any illegal activities will result in service deactivation and further legal investigation. We comply with all the laws governing bulk email marketing and spam an do not make any exception in fighting against spammers and fraud practice. Therefore keep in mind; You can send newsletters only to recipients who have agreed to receive them. With a negative impact on our provided resources, for example by IP Blocking Lists or other security arrangements in the Internet you are liable for recourse. To book this service, you must present a copy of a valid ID or Passport.


For all Hosted Service Plans we offer "Initial Setup Service": which includes the "ready to start" configuration of all required setting within the accessible features build-in in the software. The hosted service contains two parts; the software solution and all required technical resources in the cloud. For send operation and bounce handling the service includes a SMTP Service and a Reply-to Email address. Within this service you can create unlimited campaigns, subscribers and use further included features without restriction. Those features are available without limits but not allowed for reselling or over usage which is measured by the average utilization of all customers with the same product. The "sending speed" indicates the max. amount of emails send per hour. "Emails per month" indicates the available amount of emails which can be send on a monthly basis. Unused emails do not carry over from month to month.


The Hosted Service will be setup after your order and invoiced for the entire contract period in advance. Domain Mapping = you can register or transfer a domain or point an external registered domain or subdomain to the service. The fees for domain registrations are calculated annually in advance and can not be refunded for early termination. The domain renewal will follow the domain procedure: 1 month before expiration of the domain you will receive a renewal information including the invoice for the next registration period. The renewal is automatically confirmed by the customer for the next period (Re-New) when the invoice is settled at least 2 weeks to the end of the term. Otherwise a cancellation for the domain and the accompanying return transfer to the registrar is unavoidable. If no domain is mapped the service can be accessed via Service URL.





All prices quoted are final prices and include EU VAT depending on customer location within the EU. For customers based in Germany we do not charge the German sales tax, and consequently do not account it according to the § 19 UStG (German small-business regulation). The products and services described on this website do not represent a legally binding offer until full acceptance by us. For digital goods delivery follow through the Internet. Web Hosting, Domains and Web Design are subject to the respective conditions additional to the Terms of Service.


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